All about learning

In 2013, I launched an innovative avocado-based foods company, focused on increasing avocado consumption across many categories. I've since licensed the mayo recipes to another company, and stepped aside while my partner, an industry veteran, focuses on the development of a new product platform. I often get asked "Why did I make a career tangent, and blaze a new trail?" - the short answer is to demonstrate my ability to be customer facing, and to learn business and finance fundamentals. Here are some other core motivations to be an entrepreneur:



Transparency, Trust, and Authenticity. There is a lot of misinformation in the food industry, and I was very passionate about being a part of a new revolution in food/ingredient awareness and new products. I created a product and brand that truly embodied my passion for delicious, no BS food products

Andrew Zimmern said Aveyo was his favorite new product!

Sales & Marketing

I had to learn the food business of the ground up. When I first started I knew nothing about sales, marketing, distribution, brokers, and critical sales metrics. It was a long road, but I made a big splash. Above, that's Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons loving our avocado mayo. Andrew posted to instragram that it was his favorite new product!

New product innovation


I wanted to apply what I do best. Distilling customer insights, crafting a vision of the future, and rallying teams for product innovation.  The image above is a taste of that vision, a ready-to-eat avocado snack, positioned similarly to yogurt.

In 2015, I won the Sam Adams regional business pitch competition, then took 2nd in the national finals. It was an incredible experience to be able to present to so many leaders in the food and beverage industry.